March 13, 2013

Narivad, behna, dheere dheere aayi

An Outside to Patriarchy
- Nivedita Menon
(See Like A Feminist)

"If one thinks of social order as a series of overlapping structures, then one can see that these structures have to be assembled through a variety of interventions. Even those upon whom the order is the harshest need to put in the daily had work involved in keeping it all together. The assembling is thus continuous and works simultaneously on different parts of an already existing field; so, the assembled field is heterogeneous and layered. As every one of us participates in the assembling, either consciously building or refusing to build out parts of different structures; or simply living in certain ways that permit or do not permit structures to come together - what happens is that structures never really get to close their gates with a satisfactory click. Their borders are porous, the social order fragile, and every structure is constantly destabilised by another outside it. Like any other structure of power then, patriarchy too has an outside, which is what makes possible the different kinds of recalcitrance that constantly undermine it."

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