July 22, 2012

Hindustan Times, "a leading national newspaper", does a one page spread on the worker strikes at the Maruti Car Manufacturing Plant in Manesar. It's headline is:

"A Bumpy Ride Ahead? As the nation's leading car maker reels under violent protest at its Manesar plant and its management faces the ire of workers, the big question is: will Maruti ever be the same again?"

That is so NOT the Big Question. The Biggest Question is what happens to these workers? What happens to attempts to unionise? What happens to class relations? What happens next after inequality and injustice explode like this?

Clearly Hindustan Times with its "Timeline of Maruti Suzuki: The Story of the Family Car" is not going to be giving us these answers, but will keep quoting the Maruti Chairman in its comprehensive coverage of this issue.

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