January 6, 2012

State Sponsored Schemes

we held grievance redress camps
people came with faith, and without;
in Takiyan KaleKhan:
a fire burnt homes on wakf land
for political fear, them no one will hear
with no roof they wait for some rebate.
in Savirti Nagar:
people get less ration than entitled (quantity)
sand mixed with grain (quality)
delivered in arbitrary fashion (transport)
in Trilokpuri:
school girls filed complaints
there are only two toilets, locked for days
for some seven hundred kids, locked always
in Nand Nagri:
the child welfare department
by stating bogus norms, is tearing up forms
of those who try to apply for the Ladli scheme.

all this talk of entitlements, of redress
raises questions and confusion in our heads.
who takes decisions, on mandated provisions
this much happiness for this particular citizen.
where to petition for a pension
plus an allotment of some concern.
how do we apply for a license,
to have no part in your violence.
where do we, looking for tenderness,
submit copies of our application,
annexed with details of our rations,
which in regard to the following
have been erratic (transport)
diluted (quality)
and hard to come by (quantity);
attached, is proof of qualification
as we had been told
love is a universal guaranteed scheme.

(Also here.)

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